At Online Shopping Concierge we take pride in providing a first-class personal service that saves our members time and money.

We do this by sourcing the best deals for a wide range of high-ticket products and by only recommending trusted online retailers so you donít get let down by those who do not meet our high expectations.

If you make a significant amount of online purchases, or have an expensive one-off purchase planned, we might be able to help. It is free to become a member.




Remember Me?

How does it work?

  • We can only offer such a personal service to a select few members, so you need to apply to become a member.
  • Our members give us the details of their planned purchases. We get to work ASAP to find the best deal that fits the given criteria, and we aim to email back a solution within 24 hours. If we canít help or improve on a deal you have already found we will let you know.
  • All we ask is that you click on the links we email you in our solution on the way to making your purchases. Some retailers will pay us a small commission when you complete your purchase, which is how we get paid. However, this payment does not affect our recommendations though Ė we will recommend the best solution regardless of whether we get paid.